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HVAC Garnett Maintenance Plan

Protect Your HVAC Investment with a
Garnett Maintenance Service Plan

15% Discount on Qualified Services  Priority Service Calls  |  Consistent, Expert Maintenance

Consistent HVAC maintenance can extend the life of your heating and cooling system. When you're covered with a Garnett Energy Savings Agreement, we inspect and maintain your heating and cooling system twice a year to help you protect your HVAC investment. We meticulously clean & tune up your HVAC system to keep it running smoothly & help you save energy by keeping your system operating efficiently.

Early detection of HVAC problems greatly reduces the chance of an unexpected breakdown. Our expert HVAC technicians inspect your entire HVAC system & advise you if there are repairs needed that are not covered under the maintenance plan. All Garnett Energy Savings Agreement customers enjoy a 15% DISCOUNT on qualified repairs and get top priority service call scheduling.

The Garnett Energy Savings Agreement is also available for commercial businesses & covers HVAC systems, refrigeration units & ice machines. Because of the different variables and models of commercial equipment, Garnett Energy Savings Agreement commercial coverage is quoted on a per job basis.



Included Services

  • Reduced diagnostic charge of $79* (normally $99)*

  • 15% discount from regular flat rate pricing*

  • Priority service

  • Filter changes per schedule & if applicable specialty filters

  • Tune-ups performed per schedule

  • Improved efficiency of equipment

  • One year labor on all service repairs

  • Loyalty credit of $50 per year of membership up to $500 to be used towards the installation of a new system

Included Maintenance

  • Cleaning of condenser & evaporator coils (where accessible)

  • Cleaning of units' cabinets

  • Tightening all electrical connections

  • Cleaning of condensate drains

  • Inspection of all motors for proper operation & amperage

  • Verification of proper capacitance of capacitors

  • Inspection & cleaning of gas systems

  • Check safeties & limits

  • Inspection of blower wheel**

  • Verification of proper operation of thermostats

  • Inspection of ductwork

  • Temperature split/readings


**Cleaning is not included

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