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4 Reasons to Get Your Air Conditioner Checked Before Summer Starts!

Don’t wait until your system stops working to call the professionals! Garnett’s professional A/C maintenance and repair services help you protect the investment you’ve made in your air conditioning system and keep it running the way it should!

Here are 4 MAJOR reasons to get your A/C system checked before the summer starts:

1. Cools your home better and faster

When your air conditioner is running as it should be, it will do a better job keeping you and your family cool - even through the hottest of days! Is your home still hot even with the air conditioner turned on? Do you ever feel that sometimes your A/C isn’t making a difference? Is your system constantly running because it can never get your home cool enough? Get a diagnostic on your A/C system today and get your system back to doing its job!

2. High efficiency = lower utility bills

Regular and preventative air conditioner maintenance ensures your system is working efficiently and cost effectively. Proper A/C maintenance keeps your system working the way it should, can help prevent unnecessary repairs and keeps you cool on even the hottest days.

3. Prevents Future AC Problems

With consistent maintenance, our technicians can catch and repair small issues early on, preventing a larger problem with your system in the future. Neglecting small issues can build up over time, resulting in a total system breakdown! Save time, money, and the stress of emergency repairs.

Which brings us to our next reason…

4. Extends the Life of Your A/C Investment

All of the reasons above ultimately lead to a longer lasting HVAC system. When your A/C is maintained by Garnett Heating & Air professionals, it runs better, more efficiently, and lasts longer - it’s as simple as that! Routine inspection and maintenance can add years to your Air Conditioning system!


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