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All About the iWave - lab tested to reduce COVID-19 particles in your indoor air!

Improve your indoor air quality and breathe easy! Our iWave Air Purification system kills 99.6% of viruses, bacteria, molds and other impurities so your indoor air is cleaner and safer for you and your family.

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The iWave's proven technology actively filters and cleans the air in your entire house - killing potentially harmful pathogens while reducing allergens, odors, smoke, and other unwanted particles. Check out the newest Pathogen Test Results below to see how the iWave reduces COVID-19 particles in lab tests!

The Garnett Heating & Air professionals can install this maintenance free system system quickly and efficiently in any duct air conditioning system. It also comes with a three-year warranty!

Give us a call to learn more & schedule your installation: 540-898-6461!

air purification fredericksburg va


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